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Murphy is a Canadian-bred Newfoundland from Prince Edward Island. Born from sassy roots, she began sneaking around as a young pup, stealing tennis bags, earrings, toilet plungers and anything she could get her paws on.

That character has built a strong presence at TPI, manning the front office, greeting everyone who walks in the door, with her full 155 pounds of fluff and happiness. She often chooses clients before we do.

You can find her with us everywhere we go. Taking up the entire backseat of the SUV, driving around to local shows and construction sites.

She's more famous than all of us put together on Instagram @thebearmurphy. She has videos with over 1 million views!

The heartbeat of the TPI office and family, this little starlet enjoys four legged friends, walks in the park, rides in the car and anywhere she can entertain an audience! Stop by for a visit today, you
won’t be disappointed!