Technical Productions Inc.

innovators in theatrical design
and live event production

our mission

Imagine a speech that changed your life, the chills you got during a commercial, or your favorite vocal artist bringing you to tears by just being with them in that moment. At TPI, we bring those moments to life.

Our mission is to craft extraordinary, life changing experiences that impact each audience and truly make a difference in the lives we touch. We create engagement. We paint pictures with light, evoke emotions with video, inspire audiences with life-changing speeches and create impact that can only be experienced when we gather together: in a theatre, in a ballroom, a House of Worship, or over a virtual platform with a shared vision.

Events happen just once in a lifetime and we have made it our life's work to make them powerful. To motivate people spiritually, emotionally and financially...knowing we have the potential to create real change in the world...for the Companies you work for, the congregations you serve, and the organizations you are building with passion and purpose.

We change lives together with our clients, one event, one theatrical performance, one concert and one sermon at a time.